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2022 Internship Funding Award

Financial assistance application for a Summer 2022 Internship Experience:

This funding award program is designed to assist full-time undergraduate students at Syracuse University who are participating in external internship opportunities during the summer term. Syracuse University established this award in order to cover the cost of credit for students when required by a company, and/or to provide support for living expenses associated with summer internships. Award amounts will be available up to $5,000.

Qualifying internships must be away from the University and under the guidance of a professional who can help the student explore opportunities that link theory with practice in the field of the student’s career interest.

The award for credit is only available for internships taken during the summer term, but the application is live between January 31st - June 30th, 2022. Completed student applications (Handshake & Qualtrics survey attached), will be reviewed through the Spring and beginning of Summer. Based on the timing of the year, feedback on status can vary between 14-21 business days of submission.

There are three internship funding options for students to choose from – students will be awarded one of the options below only once during the course of their undergraduate college career at Syracuse University:

1. - Funding to pay for an unpaid internship credit (one credit, max) that is required by an employer during summer term
All students who wish to participate in an unpaid summer internship for which an employer requires credit will receive a one-time award to cover the cost of earning one credit during their college career. Preference will be given to applicants who wish to take advantage of this offer during the summer between their junior and senior years. 

2. - Funding required for travel and living expenses due to financial hardship, for a paid internship
Awards may be used to pay for internship-related travel, accommodations, living expenses, and required materials, but may not, in most cases, be used to pay for salaries, tuition for Syracuse University required courses, or major equipment/technology that will become the possession of the applicant at the conclusion of the internship.  

3. - Funding to pay for an unpaid internship credit (one credit, max) that is required by an employer during summer term, AND travel and living expenses due to financial hardship (see notes on what expenses qualify in items 1 and 2 above).

Eligibility & Requirements

  • Credit-based internships require a faculty sponsor. Each awardee is required to obtain the support of a Syracuse University faculty member who agrees that the proposal complements the student’s academic program and who is willing to act as academic "sponsor" of the proposed internship. A sponsor must have knowledge and expertise in the subject area of the proposed internship.

  • Student will have already secured their internship opportunity and be able to provide information on the organization/company/non-profit, as well as their anticipated main contact throughout the experience.

  • Students will not be able to use financial aid towards multiple credits for internships.

  • Students who are awarded financial aid to cover the one credit hour required by the employer will be unable to enroll in additional academic courses for the entire summer term (Maymester, study abroad, summer session 1, summer session 2, and combined). Students who receive funding cannot enroll in additional summer term courses, as their financial aid could impact their internship funding (or vice versa).

  • Living and travel stipend applications will be reviewed and awarded by Career Services and the Office of Financial Aid based on need. Please note that applications for stipends are not a guarantee that they will be awarded.

  • Open to Sophomore & Junior standing students, all majors welcome.

  • Students can apply and be awarded one time for this financial assistance opportunity

  • Must complete a minimum of 120 hours on-site at the internship.

  • Students must complete the Internship Funding Award Qualtrics Survey associated with this posting, for consideration!

Note: No monies will be released to successful applicants until final employer confirmation of the internship position has been received by the coordinator of the award process. Additionally, living and travel stipend applications will be reviewed by the Office of Financial Aid and will be qualified based on need. Students may only apply for aid to cover one, one-credit summer internship during their college career. 

**Important Application Information**

Travel and Living Stipend Request: Applicants will have to develop and present a budget for the internship, explaining the major expenses anticipated (i.e. housing, transportation, food, supplies, other) and how you have arrived at these estimates.